Yalante Bell Is Committed To Making Her Community Healthier As The Curvy Vegan

Andre J. Ellington
5 min readApr 10, 2022

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

Who is Yalante Bell?

A mother, entrepreneur, and an optimist.

What were some of your go-to meals and snacks that you enjoyed the most growing up?

Growing up, the go-to meals that my mom would cook for my siblings and me that she knew we loved were chicken, cabbage, cornbread, and spaghetti! I snacked on everything as a child. I’ve always had a big appetite, but my specialty was Ramen noodles.

A few years ago, you went on a transformative journey through weight loss, which ultimately turned into you becoming an alkaline vegan. Can you walk through some of the triumphs and mishaps you experienced as you began your evolution?

Honestly, going vegan was not in my plans… I was just trying to lose weight. As 2019 was approaching, I put on a ton of weight, and I knew I had to lose it immediately! Once the new year arrived, my church was doing the “Daniels Fast,” and I said, this is perfect! In those three weeks of me participating in the fast, I lost so much weight. I felt and looked better. From there, I was sold on becoming a vegan.

Some of the mishaps I’ve encountered at the beginning of my journey were letting go of meat and dairy products and truly committing to the vegan-plant-based lifestyle. I did dibble and dab for my first few weeks, but my body started to reject it after a while. This was when I knew I was done.

The biggest triumphs I’ve experienced would be going through a
spiritual awakening and a mental elevation. I feel more enlightened, aware, and connected to my ancestors. I also feel like my third eye has opened up.

People tend to categorize vegans as skinny, judgmental, and unwilling to bend their perspective on their lifestyle. What made you not only want to be a resource for others but also buck tradition by calling yourself and your business, The Curvy Vegan?

When I started experiencing all of these positive changes within my mind and body, I knew other people had to experience this because I felt amazing. So, I started posting my journey every day on Facebook, then I made an Instagram, and the rest was history. From the onset, my followers were really interested and engaged with the content I was posting.

The Curvy Vegan name came from me obviously being a curvy and shapely young lady who’s vegan. The name is cute, catchy, and it fits me perfectly.

Can you walk us through some of the meals and snacks you consume daily?

Some of my go-to meals are, of course, potatoes of any sort, cabbage, and fried oyster mushrooms. I still love cabbage so much!

Processed vegan food has become a source for people looking to introduce meatless products into their lives. What are your thoughts on these products? Also,what are some other alternatives for those looking to transition into veganism?

I do buy processed vegan foods like Beyond sausages and meatballs, but I try to do it in moderation and keep it at a minimum because too much of anything isn’t good for the body. But I also make a lot of things from scratch. Anything I eat that’s processed, I can make it from scratch, but sometimes I like to do what is most convenient for me.

There are so many alternatives that you could incorporate if you’re not into processed foods. You can make eggs using chickpea flour and use cauliflower and mushrooms as a chicken alternative. You can also make your veggie burgers from scratch by using less than five ingredients. The same rules apply if you’re in the mood for meatballs. It’s literally a recipe out there for everything.

What’s the difference between a vegan diet and an alkaline vegan diet?

A vegan diet is way more lenient than an Alkaline diet.

As stated earlier, some vegans can eat out at restaurants and eat processed foods. Certain fruit and vegetables aren’t considered to be alkaline. Vegans can also consume certain wines and alcohol.

People who consume an alkaline diet don’t eat out at restaurants, drink wine or anything of that nature. Everything is made from scratch in a person’s kitchen. Also, everything is 100% natural, from the earth or man. An alkaline diet is completely different from a vegan diet, so I choose to do both. This allows me to have the best of both worlds and maintain balance.

How do you plan on harboring your growth as a person and business owner in 2022?

In 2022, I plan to be more proactive in the vegan community, step out of my comfort zone, and network more. I want to be on camera, so I’m getting my YouTube channel going. I also want to help people and walk them through my recipes because the number one question I receive is, “How do you make this?’’ or ‘’What ingredients did you use?’’ I have a lot of plans for Curvy Vegan, and I’m confident that everything will flourish as I imagine.

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