Tiera Turner and The Moultrie Boys To Release New Book “Affirmations From A To Z”

Andre J. Ellington
4 min readMar 15, 2021

What were some early plans you had to branch out and start building generational wealth in your household?

I come from a line of womenpreneurs; Generational wealth has always been on my mind in its own way. I didn’t want to work for anyone, so I always had a plan to make that my reality. When I became an entrepreneur, that’s when my first business idea for my kiddos surfaced.

I heard about the vending business from a friend, so that was my second idea for the boys; I wanted something that could be routine for MyKail and show them real work at a young age. The week I went to look at different vending machines, COVID-19 hit the U.S. hard, but we’ve come up with a solution to fix that, which is coming soon!

You have two amazing boys: Your first son, MyKail, is on the autism spectrum with a speech delay, and your second son, Miguel, has a speech delay. How have you altered your parenting for the sake of your boys being enriched with learning and information?

As a first-time parent, there wasn’t much to alter. I’ve had to learn and adjust with my kiddos just as they are. I try to meet my kiddos at their level. I try to refrain from matching their energies as well. I don’t love reading, so I request books as gifts for the boys often.

With MyKail’s baby shower, I had our loved one’s gift books instead of greeting cards. I want to instill the love of reading in my boys. I never loved reading growing up, and I can admit that may have set me back. I mean, what millionaire doesn’t read often?! So, I read often now!

My kiddos love to sit and listen to me read them books every night before bed. That’s when we do most of our readings. Having two energized boys doesn’t leave much room for learning; They just want to jump and play! I throw flashcards in the mix when they have tons of energy and books when it’s time to wind down.

You wrote Affirmations From A to Z to bridge the gap between your relationship with reading and your son’s knowledge of colors and words. You also wrote this book as a dedication piece to them. What were some of the things you obtained from writing this book?

For starters, I gained some new vocabulary myself! Finding the right words to fit each letter and make sure it’s an affirmation within itself was a process. This process also helped me gain more patience. I could only work on the book when my kiddos aren’t in my space, which is rare.

Talk about your son’s other businesses, The Vend Bros, and their new T-shirt line, Little Package, Big Boss.

The Vend Bros is a vending business started by me for the boys. The Vend Bros was created for so much more than profit! Having a structured routine in one’s day-to-day life can alleviate stress and anxiety. Simple day-to-day tasks can stress a child with ASD as they try to make sense of it all. Practicing routines such as counting the coins that go into the machine, stocking the different and colorful products, and keeping everything neat and organized relieve a child’s stress and teach them structure. Routine also adds to a child’s learning potential.

Since COVID-19, the vending machine business seems to have boomed, but with a change shortage and people staying indoors, we didn’t invest in a machine last year. We’ve switched to an alternative, releasing later this year — Vend Bros 2Go! Until VB2G launches, the boys have shirts releasing all year that promote legacy wealth! There will be different affirming shirts for the kiddos. We released one design this March and plan to release six others throughout the year.

With March being National Reading Month and April being Autism Awareness Month, what type of impact do you want Affirmations From A to Z to have on all school-aged kids?

Ultimately, I want kids to love reading! The statistics are there when it comes to children being left behind because of their skin color or because of a disability. Reading takes children to different places, enhances other skills, and is vital to growing up. I want this book to open up the eyes of not only children but their parents. Adults need to be affirmed too! I want those who read Affirmations From A to Z to gain new vocabulary, a new gaze as they look into the mirror, and a world of confidence so they can walk into whichever path they choose with confidence!

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