TIDAL Continues To Stay On The Front-Lines Of Black Music And Empowerment

On June 17, 2021, Juneteenth became a federal holiday after Joe Biden and other politicians signed the bill into law. There were many thoughts and opinions on television and social media regarding this pivotal move. As a company, what are some ways that you plan to recognize Juneteenth in the coming years?

Social justice and racial equality have always been a key part of TIDAL’s platform. While we’ve celebrated Juneteenth in the past, we were excited to see it proclaimed a federal holiday this year. Our editorial team created a Juneteenth Playlist highlighting the holiday’s inherent celebration and reflection featuring content from Beyonce, Sister Sledge, Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, and more. Juneteenth is a day where we acknowledge the official end of slavery in the U.S. and throw unrivaled parties where music, culture, and food co-mingle to remind us how much we’ve gained as a society since then but also how far we need to go.

We also partnered with politico, lawyer, and advocate, Angela Rye, for the premiere of Triumph Over Trauma: Black Wall Street Then and Now, a one-hour-long special commemorating the centennial of one of the worst attacks of racial violence in American history: the Tulsa Race Massacre. In the special, viewers hear from living survivors of the massacre — Mother Fletcher, Mother Randle, and Uncle Red — who discuss memories of Black Wall Street, their legacy, and inspiring change. In addition, last summer, TIDAL launched a permanent Social Justice page dedicated to the ongoing social justice movement that features playlists, magazine articles, videos, and more addressing the injustices of society.

TIDAL will continue to honor timely moments in history. We aim to create a community and help members learn about the meaning and impact of music.

What are some ways that TIDAL continues to stay in front of major events that take place within the black community?

TIDAL is always proactively celebrating the Black community and offering ways for members to learn about the impact of Black artists on today’s music. Last month, TIDAL showcased a wide range of music in honor of Black Music Month. From remembering the sound of Philadelphia International Records with insight from Gamble, Huff, and Thom Bell to Soul Survivor, the Bar-Kay’s James Alexander reflecting on his half-century plus in R&B, TIDAL continues to share featured playlists, magazine articles, videos, and more celebrating Black communities now and in the future.

Annually, TIDAL puts on a benefit concert supporting various social justice initiatives. In 2019, “TIDAL X Rock The Vote” encouraged civic participation, and in 2018 “TIDAL X Brooklyn” supported criminal justice reform. TIDAL also hosted live streams, “TIDAL X EJI ‘The Concert For Peace and Justice’” and TIDAL X REFORM’ Bringing Injustice To Light’ Town Hall,” focusing on social justice efforts and prison reform.

TIDAL’s participation in progressing social justice movements through livestreams, benefit concerts, and Q+A interviews can date as far back as 2015 when TIDAL launched an annual philanthropic concert series, “TIDAL x 10/20,” featuring artists like Beyonce, JAY- Z, Nicki Minaj, Alessia Cara and Justine Skye. By celebrating how integral all voices are to culture and community, TIDAL continues its commitment to providing its members with culture-shifting content.

Talk about your partnership with influential political commentator Angela Rye and the release of “Triumph Over Trauma: Black Wall Street Then and Now.”

Starting in 2018, TIDAL and Angela Rye partnered for “The Main Thing,” an unscripted digital series where Angela Rye and celebrity guests like Snoop Dogg, Jerry Lorenzo, and Tabitha Brown discuss their top issues surrounding the Presidential election.

In 2020, TIDAL and Elect Justice partnered for a livestream on “National Vote Early Day” hosted by Angela Rye to empower people of color to vote early and make their voice heard in the upcoming 2020 election.

Releasing “Triumph Over Trauma: Black Wall Street Then and Now” is yet another way the partnership continues to address top issues around the world and allow for identifying communities to reflect on such a sensitive holiday.

How important is it for black stories to continue being unearthed and told on a large platform? (Black Wall Street, Hidden Figures, Judas And The Black Messiah)

Highlighting minority voices in mainstream platforms allows the world to hear and see injustices prevalent in underrepresented communities and see how diverse these communities are. By celebrating how integral all voices are, forward-thinking change and truthful storytelling are more attainable. More specifically, spotlighting Black stories in the media generates awareness around the prevailing racial inequality globally and how it affects the Black community.

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