Shaquille Lewis Leverages Business Deals Through Passion And Impact

Andre J. Ellington
4 min readApr 15, 2021

When did you first get introduced to the game of football?

I was first introduced to football when I was eight years old. Like most kids, I played outside with my friends and family members, and I realized I was good at it, which made me pursue organized football down the line.

What are some of the teams and organizations that you’ve played for?

I played football while attending Dutchtown High School in Louisiana and I played for Louisiana College. My pro-day took place in 2016 at the Saints practice facility. While there, I tore my hamstring in front of all 32 NFL teams. I sat out for a year and attended mini-camp with the Saskatchewan Roughriders (Canadian Football League) in 2017. I tore my hamstring again, which forced me to sit out for another year. In 2018, I played for the Spring League, a showcase that former NFL and CFL players participate in to continue their careers. From there, I was recognized by the Kansas City Chiefs based on my performance.

How has football intertwined into specific life lessons that you’ve learned on and off the field?

Football has taught me the power of accountability, discipline, and perseverance. My mentality as a football player has allowed me to push through certain aspects of my life, especially when things go wrong. I played as a defensive back, so I had to have short-term memory. I couldn’t dwell or become stressed out when a certain play didn’t go right because my focus would be off. Football also taught me the importance of competitiveness. While I might not be playing football anymore, I take that same spirit and use it in business, which is my true calling. We all have a job to do in this life which is why people should only focus on things they can control. With the things you can’t control, leave it up to God and continue to push forward.

Talk about your recent accomplishment of becoming an ambassador for The National Youth Futbol League of Haiti.

It’s a blessing to be an ambassador for The National Youth Futbol League of Haiti. This is the only youth league they have in Haiti, so to see the moves they’re making on an international level is humbling. Sports and education changed my life, so I want to impact this league in the same way. Due to my upbringing, I want to inspire these kids and let them know that they can be in a different position in life through hard work and determination.

How did you become involved with RPA College?

I’ve known Reggie Calhoun (CEO of RPA College) since my college days. When I found out about RPA College, I knew I had to be a part of what he’s building through sports and education. He’s given a lot of college athletes structure and the ability to succeed in the long run. With my involvement, my connections to different cities and countries allow me to bridge the gap through RPA College. Ultimately, we want to give kids the opportunity to succeed in any capacity.

Breakdown the details of your recent trip to Haiti and the brokering of the deal between RPA College and the Haitian-based basketball program FHA (Fédération Haïtienne de Basketball).

My trip to Haiti was an eye-opening experience. Reggie and I are grateful that we had the opportunity to form several partnerships, including one with Haiti’s government. I had a connection in Haiti, and I knew what Reggie and his team were doing at RPA College, so that’s why I decided to broker the deal. This isn’t about us at all; It’s about making an impact on the kids who’re looking to change their lives around. Reggie and I made history in college, so it’s a no-brainer that we’re setting ourselves up to make history in business as well.

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