RPA College® Creates Power Play For Global All-Star Game In Africa For HBCU Football Players

Andre J. Ellington
4 min readOct 27, 2021


Can you start by talking about how RPA College® will work with HBCU football athletes over the years?

One of the benefits of RPA College® is that we are able to appeal to a broad pool of student-athletes from private and public institutions. Our ability to work with HBCU football athletes extend from combine events, 7 on 7 matchups, training and mentoring sessions, and ultimately football competitions. Developing the programs centered around HBCU athletes created a sense of pride and community. We wanted to make a progressive and impactful statement in conjunction with RPA. The NCAA governs the HBCUs, so in turn it was imperative to develop auxiliary programs and opportunities.

Many of the staff and faculty at RPA College® were decorated high school and college athletes. Talk about some of the knowledge you’ll be able to provide HBCU football athletes as you continue to bridge the gap between sports in the U.S. and across the world.

What every student-athlete will gain from its interactions with RPA College® is that they are their biggest assets! Knowledge is like energy, it’s only powerful when in motion. At RPA College® we believe in instilling the idea that everyone has potential energy or knowledge, but it takes a unique person to utilize their potential and convert it into functional and useful energy and knowledge. We want our student-athletes and those we consult with to recognize that the title they currently hold will eventually expire, but once it does, that’s when they’ll be able to activate their future purpose. It is important for each student-athlete to understand that the planning begins before stepping on the field.

When we think of International All-Star Games, we tend to only think of professional sports teams or even the Olympics since there are thousands of athletes from around the globe, competing in one place. Was this a reference point in RPA College® establishing an International All-Star Game for HBCU football athletes?

Absolutely! The concept of showcasing top notch skills and talent internationally spans all the way back to the April 6, 1896 Olympics which was held in Athens, Greece. The requirements are strict and opportunities are only presented to what the industry refers to as “the elite.” RPA College® believes that HBCU talent is undervalued and deserves an opportunity to be displayed on a bigger and more respectable scale.

How important was it for RPA College® to create an inception point in Africa for the International All-Star Game?

A is for Africa and the B in HBCU is for Black! The importance of establishing this game in Africa for HBCU football athletes has everything to do with making a statement as a culture, as a family, and as a reunited nation. We all know the trend of being “woke” that has sparked up many debates and connections. This statement and opportunity to bring HBCU athletes to Africa, is not only about the game itself but also the information. We want to wake up the inner power and confidence of OUR student-athletes by exposing them to true information, cultural connections, and opportunities that link to their heritage. There’s power in knowing where you’re from, where it all began, and the support from those who look like you!

In 2020, RPA College® introduced basketball into the fold of its athletics. Will basketball also be included in the connections that are being made on a global scale?

Yes, all RPA College® sports will be provided with a pathway to traveling and competing abroad. It is through the countries and government ministries we’ve established deep relationships with, that has made it possible for all sports to have a place within the mission. Our overall vision is to impact 1 billion lives worldwide. We will do this by utilizing the platforms that have aided in communities being impacted positively, wealth created, and education being secured. Sports is a tool, and we will utilize it to its full potential.

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