Rashad Hosea Changed The Apparel Game With The Wealthy Brand

Prior to you becoming a staple in fashion, you were a rising basketball player. What made you put the basketball down for the DTG printer?

Reality made me put the basketball down. The goal, the dream, and the inspiration was to make it to the NBA. After I realized that wasn’t going to happen, I had to jump into my entrepreneur bag. I started with throwing college parties, which helped build me to network and a personal brand that allowed me to seamlessly transition into creating The Wealthy Brand.

You, along with Kuddles Hopkins (formally known as Kuddi B) started The Wealthy Brand in 2016. Talk about how the brand came into inception and why you decided to ditch the original Mentally Wealthy moniker.

We decided to ditch Mentally Wealthy because Wealthy just hit different. Wealthy was more marketable, and that’s really our ultimate goal. The Wealthy Box Logo was also way more fashionable as well. It was an easy decision.

At the end of 2018, yourself and Kuddi B opened up your first Wealthy flagship store in Oak Park, MI. What are some of the similarities and differences between running the Wealthy Brand both in- store and online?

The online store is still poppin, but the store changed our lives. The store made us official. We went all out, and we wanted to put on for the city, which also turnt up our online sales. The online and physical locations work perfect with one another, to be honest.

You’re a connoisseur of many luxury pieces. How do you constantly stay in a creative mind- frame when you’re coming up with new ideas for the Wealthy Brand?

New ideas are hard to come up with. I have creative blocks regularly, and I hate it. It’s almost depressing, to be honest! The key is to only focus on what’s in front of me and not what’s around me. But I’m heavy on the marketing, networking, and presenting the brand as a top-tier company, which helps shit move for us more than anything.

How do you and Kuddi B maintain a tight bond for the sake of being two black brothers in business?

Me and Kuddi locked in forever. It’s easy to maintain our bond because we were broke together, and all this shit is profit for us. Ain’t no jealousy or fakeness in us, so that’s what makes shit very maintainable.

Aside from fashion, you’ve inserted yourself in the music industry with the introduction of emerging superstar rapper Jugg Harden. Talk about the recent success you both have experienced and what fans should look out for next?

Music and fashion work together cohesively. I’m a real Eastside Detroiter, so I have a good eye and ear for talent when it comes to Detroit rap. I knew Jugg was a star as soon as we locked in, and when he believed it himself, that’s when shit started to take off. It’s up from here. We released three projects this year alone. Expect us to get better and apply more pressure — Jugg Harden next star out of Detroit.

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