Naomi Nucia Glay Embodies Liberian Culture

This interview was released on May 27, 2020.

As a child, did you have any ambition of becoming a model?

Yes, I believe everything a child knows is taught. With that being said, I partially blame my father for always putting me in front of the camera, capturing precious moments. He recorded everything! My mother also enjoyed dressing me up.

When you were announced as Miss Liberia USA (2018–2019), what were some of those emotions that stirred within you?

I was in complete shock. When the former queen tried to crown me, I didn’t even want to proceed. I held my chest with tears rolling down my face. I couldn’t believe God had answered my prayers.

Now more than ever, African pride is on full display in our community. What does it mean to be from Liberia at a time like this?

The growing recognition of Africa in the world is something that I’m grateful for throughout the culture. It wasn’t there growing up. Being a part of Liberian culture is beautiful. The resilience of the Liberian is one to be proud of. Despite the war, turmoil, and unforeseen circumstances, Liberians still thrive. Entrepreneurship is in our blood. To live, you must survive, and Liberians are willing to do just that. The beauty of the land is something else worth mentioning. Liberia has some of the most beautiful beaches and informative cultural sites ever. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the delicious foods: Potato Greens, Cassava leaf, Jollof rice — it’s just not comparable to any other country. I’m truly honored to be Liberian and to be able to represent my country in various ways.

As a survivor of sexual abuse, what’re your thoughts on current movements dedicated toward bringing justice to victims? Also, talk about the creation of your PowerTalk panel.

It’s getting better. Movements like #MeToo have brought high awareness of the topic of sexual assault. However, it must go beyond a movement to bring justice for every survivor of sexual abuse. It must be talked about in schools more often. It must be talked about in relationships. It must be talked about while raising children for there to be a noticeable difference in our society.

In June 2018, I birthed my first PowerTalk event. PowerTalk is a panel discussion event, providing a non-judgmental atmosphere for both women and men to share their testimonies. PowerTalk sparks taboo conversations by providing knowledge and resources needed for personal wellness. I believe everyone has a PowerTalk in them. A story that helps motivate and inspire the hopeless and give voice to the voiceless.

You’re always in a make-up chair or on stage, so what does a free day look like for you?

A free day is a day in nature when pen meets paper, and my thoughts are being released — a day with no make-up, no heels, and no flashy clothes.

What piece of advice would you share with someone regarding life and overcoming insurmountable obstacles?

The lows of life are inevitable. We all must grow through our situations to become the survivor, we’re supposed to be.



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