Million Dollar Meagan Is An Expert In Skin Care

This interview was released on July 19, 2020.

Walk me through your decision to jump into entrepreneurship full-time with your skincare line Get Flawless Skin, which you started in 2016?

My decision to become a full-time entrepreneur stemmed from a variety of places. As an engineer, I was unhappy, which started to affect my friendships and my relationship. I wasn’t present because I was depressed about my job. The week before I quit my job, one of my friends gave me a call and asked if I still worked at that same job. When I told him I did, he asked me why I was so afraid to be who I already was. When he asked me that, I had to think about it for a second. He also said, “If you’re Million Dollar Meagan, and you’re saying to people that it’s a great day to get your s — together, you need that for yourself.” At that moment, I was done being an Engineer. There was nothing to be afraid of. I knew I could always get another job because of my Engineering Degree, but I was ready to pursue entrepreneurship full-time.

How did your hands-on experience as an Engineer at Marel Poultry guide you in creating Get Flawless Skin?

Being a project engineer forced me to learn processes. Also, my job taught me that you couldn’t complete Step 2 without completing Step 1. Corporate companies have a lot of team players to ensure profitability. These same team players follow a specific process to generate success. When creating my business, I had to follow strict processes, and I’m happy that certain aspects of my job taught me the importance of learning this vital skill.

How did your father’s death alter your perspective on life?

My father passed away on February 22. You don’t ever think about your parents dying. I didn’t know how to plan a funeral or anything, even though I had my family there. The process of burying him changed me. I was the spearhead because I was his only daughter, so he instilled strength in me a long time ago. I couldn’t be weak when he died. During the week when I had to plan his funeral, I couldn’t mourn or cry like I wanted to because I was so busy planning and preparing the entire ceremony.

When a parent dies, you go through so many feelings and emotions. It started with denial, then depression, then finally, acceptance. My dad was an old school, country-raised man who told it like it was, so I got many of my traits from him. I’ll be honest before I even quit my job, I was walking around with so much anxiety and doubt about me quitting my job. Once my dad died, I knew I could do anything because I did the hardest thing I’d ever done in my life.

You offer a variety of products such as your Liquid Rose Gold Serum and Face Cleanser. Explain the importance of the ingredient component behind each product that you create.

I worked as a beauty advisor for Estée Lauder in Macy’s for three years. The make-up counters I worked at taught me about skincare and the different ingredients that go into the products. Knowing skincare allows you to be able to deal with any client that comes into the store. I also took a skincare formulation class because I wanted to make sure I understood which organic ingredients worked well for specific skin types. I did my research and became resourceful on my own. Anybody can Google anything, so I went over and beyond to find the best information to create my products.

Alongside Get Flawless Skin, your customers and followers get to see your dynamic fun personality on social media. What made you decide to showcase all parts of yourself as opposed to letting the brand speak for itself?

What makes my company different from the other skincare companies is the authenticity of the brand. We’re the only brand that’s promoting people to truly be themselves. Most brands cater to the product. We cater to the inner-workings of a person’s skin so that our customers can get the most benefit from our products. We also highlight the physical, mental and emotional attributes that accompany taking care of one’s skin.

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