Keyon Clinton Bridges Younger, Older Generation Of Black Men Together With Upcoming Men’s Conference

Andre J. Ellington
3 min readFeb 15, 2022


There are many ways you could describe Detroit native Keyon Clinton. He’s an Entrepreneur, International Speaker, Award-Winning Fitness Trainer — the owner of 1% Better Nation, and a Forbes List-Maker. Keyon is also a conduit for change through the introduction of his upcoming Men’s Empowerment Conference, which strives to bridge the gap between the older and younger generation of black men. The conference also centers around open dialogue regarding all aspects of life in America and beyond.

Creating the Men’s Empowerment Conference was essential to me because:

Bridging the gap between the younger and older man in Detroit is the key to our growth and development as men. Our ancestors did everything they could to create a path for us to thrive in, and I’m playing my role in doing that for the next generation. It’s time for us to create a common agenda to synergize and mobilize on.

As a black man from the city of Detroit and a world leader, it’s important for me to always:

Be an example and inspiration in every aspect of life. Also, it’s important to reach back and give back to my community with the platform, resources, and influence that I have. It’s not just an honor to be a black man but an obligation to help my brothers in every way that I possibly can.

In 2022, the power of being a Black man lies in being able to:

Use our knowledge, resources and voice to create equality ad change within our communities. Times have changed in the world we live in today, so we must adapt and capitalize in order to keep our power as a unit. We cannot do it alone!

Every black man that’s attending the Men’s Empowerment Conference can expect to:

Be apart of a much-needed conversation addressing the current state of the Detroit man, the problems we struggle with, and most importantly, solutions to guide us in the right direction. This will also be a networking conference to gain rapport and trust within one another to build for the future.

The Men’s Empowerment Conference will take place in Detroit, MI on February 19.

Featured speakers include David Woods of Enjoy Detroit, Odis
, Founder of Building Better Men, Keith Bennett, Former Director of the Detroit Reentry and Prison Diversion Program Flip the Script, Andre Ebron, CEO of the Drawing Board Nation, Chioke Bracy, Pastor of Shiloh Deliverance Church and Daniel A. Baxter, Founder and CEO of the Dr. Osslan H. Sweet Foundation.

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