Inside The Mind Of Athleisure Owner Crystal White

I would describe W by Crystal White as: an Athleisure + Lifestyle Brand serving customers with modern, active lifestyles.

When I think of athleisure, I think of: comfort, wearability, and versatility. I love the concept of looking put-together while being insanely comfortable.

Since starting W by Crystal White in 2020, the journey has been: UNREAL. The support, the growth, the milestones. They all work together to keep me going! God be God’n!

As an entrepreneur, the most significant thing I’ve learned about business is that: Customer Service is paramount. The customer may not always be “right”, but they should always feel and be heard.

Giving back to the community is important because: I found a quote from Kid Cudi that sums it up perfectly, “Living life is a choice. Making a difference in someone else’s isn’t.” Giving back is a no-brainer for me, as my mom is big on helping people in need in a multitude of ways throughout my life. If our success doesn’t breed more success, are we really successful?

In 2022, I plan to: grow W by Crystal White to reach more people and fill more lives with our take on luxury. I also plan on adding more sustainable packaging and programs to reduce waste!

To keep up with Crystal White, CLICK HERE.




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Andre J. Ellington

Andre J. Ellington

All Original Stories, All Quality Content.

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