Ghana Becomes The Latest Expansion Point For RPA College®

Andre J. Ellington
5 min readOct 21, 2021


RPA College® has been on a worldwide tour throughout the calendar year which has included making stops in countries such as Haiti and The Dominican Republic. What was the purpose of your latest trip to Ghana?

COVID-19 presented many challenges and even more opportunities. When the world sat still, the vision and purpose of RPA grew more clear. There is no greater honor than being able to say that RPA College®, a black-owned and operated sports organization, has the opportunity to plant seeds and grow roots in the motherland (the beautiful Africans). The purpose of our trip to Accra, Ghana was established through the call of the Beyond the Return initiative to ease the travel experience of all Diasporas who have a desire to make a pathway from America to Ghana.

Breakdown the newfound connections that RPA College® built with both the Ghana Tourism Authority and the Ministry of Sports.

Once my team stepped foot on African soil and humbly sat in the presence of the Minister of Tourism and his team, it was apparent that no connection needed to be made. There was a natural power that filled that room! It was almost like a reunion. RPA College® was given authorization to establish academic and athletic programs in the Greater Accra community and partner with the GTA, BTR, and in the coordination of an event that no country in Africa has ever seen before. It is important that when visiting other countries you always follow the proper chain of commands and-or hierarchy. This is no easy feat and requires dedication, persistence, and consistency to see through.

Are there any stark similarities and differences between certain regulations, policies, and outward execution in reference to how sports are executed in Ghana?

The similarities are few when it comes to regulations and executions, but the vision and desire are the same. A lot of the sports played abroad are club based, if not represented by the country then it is usually an outside program. What we will establish here is a formal procedure, a regulatory system, and guidelines for all involved in sports, coaching, training and competition.

What has been the common thread between each country that you’ve visited while establishing RPA College® on a global sports platform?

The common thread between each country I’ve visited while establishing RPA College® on a global sports platform is that education and sports are crucial to the economic development and stabilization of these countries. Education is a tool and should be used, while sports is a platform. In the other countries, education and sports are not joined collectively. In fact, certain sports are looked at as a dropout sport due to having to choose between the sport or school. Sports has been a catalyst of elevation in most of these areas, but like we know in America, it isn’t guaranteed and without education, we continue the same cycles. RPA plans to aid in that gap.

What were some of the tangible and intangible aspects that you learned about the culture and history of Ghana that you plan to implement into RPA College®?

The 7 pillars are key to what we will do in Ghana. They are the guiding points on how we will collaborate with the ministries and the country!

Experience Ghana:
The core of the project is the tourism drive and the invitation to the Global African family to visit and experience Ghana.

Investing in Ghana:
Ghana, the fastest growing economy in the world in 2019 is an established business destination for investors with progressive government transparent regulations and a dynamic private sector ready for partnerships.

Diaspora Pathways to Ghana:

This pillar will see to the adoption of legal and policy frameworks on visa acquisition (e-visa) and the institution of a diaspora visa. It will facilitate key diaspora pathway programs such as Citizenship programs, Educational and work exchanges, Residence, and Work permits.

Celebrate Ghana:

Create a sense of national consciousness anchored on key cultural festivals, media programs, adoption of contemporary festivals unto the national calendar, and promotion of domestic tourism.

Brand Ghana:
Promote Ghana as a leading tourism destination and a hub for the African renaissance. Craft a new narrative on Ghana and strategically promote it to the world.

Give Back to Ghana:

Foster a new sense of community service and giving that will create ongoing legacies for the project. Service areas will include tree planting, community clean-ups, adoption of certain community impact projects.


Promote Pan-African Heritage and Innovation:
This pillar will focus on promoting Pan-African and Ghanaian heritage and developing pilgrimage infrastructure around sites of memory.

The sensory aspects of the Ghanian culture has an equal richness to that of the intangible elements we were able to experience and learn about the history of Ghana. It would be challenging to duplicate the tangible experiences because they are exclusive to Africa; however, we hope to develop transfer programs that will allow for our student-athletes to have an authentic exposure to Ghana’s culture.

● Weather

● Palm trees

● Smiling faces

● Work ethic

● Food

● Ocean

● Materials

Intangibles: mentality, spirit, pride, RPA College®.

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