• Cory M.

    Cory M.

    Certified Personal Trainer Offering Online Personal Training Cmashingfitness.com. My Referral link https://medium.com/@CmashingFitness/membership

  • Jasmine M

    Jasmine M

  • SauceFromVeli


    Music + Culture Journalist & Influencer. Talking Music @ SauceFromVeli.TV & 11+ Music Sites. Music, Marketing, Culture & More - @Medium Pushing the pen!

  • Sari Baez

    Sari Baez

  • Dominec Holmes

    Dominec Holmes

  • Therese Williams

    Therese Williams

  • Imani Mana

    Imani Mana

    Child of God, Mother, Wife, Founder/ Owner of The Himawari Brand & Co., LLC., Creator, Children’s Author, “I write encouraging material,” Website & Product Des.

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