Dream Rich Returns With Third Annual “Detroit Is Culture” Fashion Show

For those who may not know, who is Dream Rich?

Dream Rich is a luxury street brand dedicated to everyone with a dream and hustle to make it happen. The ultimate goal is to be rich, not just in wealth, but in success and prosperity, while creating a life full of everything money can’t buy.

Talk about the current success of your fashion storefront, Dream Rich Exclusive Art Museum, which also happens to be the first of its kind in Michigan.

Dream Rich Exclusive Art Museum has been the most fulfilling journey and my biggest endeavor yet. It’s almost been a year, and I love having somewhere for young creators to showcase their artwork and clothing brands while offering a safe space to be expressive. Having a platform to help others has always been a goal of mine. It’s where fashion meets art.

The third Annual Detroit Is Culture Fashion Show is taking place on August 11 in Downtown Detroit. Being that you’re the brainchild of this event, how does this show differ from the previous ones you’ve done?

Every year, the Rooftop Runway Fashion show gets better. However, my team and I really focused on showing more love to the music and more attention to the fashion. This year’s fashion show is different because I’m showcasing a greater sense of authentic Detroit culture. We want to leave the spotlight on the creatives in Detroit with hopes that no matter the influence, everyone leaves knowing they’ve impacted our D-Boy and D-Girl Culture.

You have some of the hottest rappers performing at the Detroit Is Culture Fashion Show including Peezy and Baby Money. How important is music when it comes to fashion in general?

Fashion is music’s mouthpiece. They both go hand in hand. Every time an artist includes a particular fashion brand in their music, that same brand gets bigger. Music sets the tone for fashion by allowing listeners to feel included in the trends of fashion.

Are there any surprises that you can talk about regarding the Detroit Is Culture Fashion Show?

During this year’s show, I’m giving away a few exclusive awards to some dope individuals. Also, our VIP guests will receive swag boxes with exclusive Detroit branded items. This year, our red carpet host will be doing an entire press event as guests arrive. This event is something no one should want to miss, as it will be an authentic tribute to Detroit.

To keep up with Dream Rich, CLICK HERE.



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