Celebrity Trainer Mac Solomon Impacts The World Through Fitness

This interview has been lightly edited for length and clarity.

Let’s talk about your experience as a DJ, along with your thorough background in football and basketball.

I used to DJ throughout high school with a DJ company, and we used to do parties, events, and weddings throughout the Bay Area. I wanted to focus primarily on sports, so I stopped djing. I eventually ended up playing college football for a brief period. Even though I stopped djing, I still had the mentality of a DJ, and I treat every HIIT-ROBIX class like I would when I would DJ an event.

At what moment did you say to yourself that it’s time to make a shift toward becoming a full-time entrepreneur through fitness?

For me, it was when I realized I had a bigger purpose than working a corporate job. I felt like I had to take control of my life and not put it in the hands of another man.

Your company, Projext Fitness houses HIIT-ROBIX (High-Intensity Interval Training and Hip-Hop Aerobics), HIIT-ROBIX On Demand, and Projext Apparel. Can you break down each area of your business and how you’ve scaled your operations over the years?

Projext Fitness is the brand. It mainly consists of private training. HIIT-ROBIX is a group class that’s just another extension of the brand, and we have an online platform called HIIT-ROBIX On Demand which allows clients who aren’t local to workout with us from home or wherever they choose to. Projext Apparel is my clothing line. It doesn’t really have anything to do with the brand because it’s not just limited to fitness wear. I try to be consistent when it comes to promoting all my businesses. It can be tough to juggle all of them, but having all of them in the same field gives them balance. My goal is to turn all four businesses into a massive conglomerate.

You work with several celebrities, which include Skhy Black (Tyler Perry’s Sista’s — All Queen’s Men on BET+), Carlacia Grant (“Outer Box” on Netflix), and Christian Robinson (“The First Purge,” “Watchmen,” and “Tales” on BET), to name a few. How do you help your celebrity clients achieve specific goals, whether that may be slimming down or bulking up for particular roles?

I approach my celebrity clients just like I approach my other clients. They tell me what they want, and I get it done.

There are several diets, regimens, and programs out there that could potentially leave someone looking to lose weight a bit overwhelmed and discouraged. What are some ways that you break down pre-conceived fitness barriers for new clients?

We need to look at the resume of the people promoting these things. If they don’t have a background in fitness, or some type of certification in fitness or nutrition, then they aren’t qualified to give you that information. I always say if something is too good to be true, it usually is.

As a fitness trainer, what’s been the most rewarding moment for you on your journey thus far?

Knowing where I started and seeing people acknowledge my growth. It’s a very humbling experience.

What three things would you tell someone looking to get in the absolute best shape of their life?

I would say: Start with small achievable goals. Once you reach those goals, make another set of goals. Do this consistently, and before you know it, you’ll be right where you need to be. You can’t rush these things. Success is measured with time.

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