Brittany Mobley Operates At A High Level Through PR And Design

I was hoping you could take me back to your childhood for a second. Were you a creative child, or did those instincts come later on in your life?

I’ve always been very creative — more of a writer than anything. I wouldwrite a 20-page storybook on lined paper in school. I also kept a binder full of notes and highlight designs for my book covers. Unfortunately, I’m horrible at drawing, so eventually, I migrated toward computers, and that really gave me everything I needed to advance in my craft. This was when MySpace was a thing. I completely taught myself how to code website layout and also created copy for people. I was doing it for free because I was only 11–12. I had no idea that it would pay my bills later. I loved to create anything in Photoshop, which I’m also self-taught. It became an addiction, honestly. Everyone in school would ask me to design their profiles and profile photos. It was a great space growing up. I literally couldn’t live without my computer and design programs. To think about it, I’m literally still this way. Thanks for bringing this into perspective by asking me this!

When did you grasp the understanding that traditionalism wasn’t for you in the space of employment and opportunity?

OMG! I’ve worked in corporate TWICE since I went cold turkey. They always say, the third time, you’re a fool. I never felt a sense of fulfillment waking up at 5 AM or 7 AM to go and make someone else’s ideas and operations work in the way they saw fit. I worked in car rental, and I would cry every day before walking into the building. It was like a piercing in my soul dealing with constant chaos, the pressure to do certain things, and just feeling stuck! The second time was in an agency. Agency is literally a dog eat dog world, and either you sink or swim. At this time, I didn’t have much experience, but I was hired in and wasn’t taught anything at all. It was as if they waited on me to fail and phase out — and sadly, it happened. I knew I worked my butt off by networking, talking to folks, and even enrolling in graduate school because I knew there was something better out there. I confided in a few folks, and, ever since, I’ve been the happiest ever! I make my own rules, on my own time, doing what I love! Entrepreneurship! It’s not for everyone, but traditionalism isn’t my thing. I did go back and get my master’s degree just if I ever had to go back!

Talk about your initial footsteps into the world of PR. Who was your first client, and how did you handle the responsibility of their media goals?

Ebony Cochran! I could say so many amazing things about her! When I was in my heavy networking phase, she literally came up to me and asked to be my guinea pig. She was like, “You can charge me whatever!” I charged her $250, but I worked like she was on a 12-month retainer, and hell no, I don’t regret it! It gave me everything I needed to push forward! She connected me with another publicist, Teia of Love Publicity! They both truly helped me in ways where I had enough courage to do it all independently. As I kept going, I got up every day and pitched. I called people, connected with my network, and landed almost every media outlet in metro Detroit for Ebony. Her media goals were to own her local market for being the BEST credit consultant in the metro area! We did it! That led to more clientele, and here I am — but I’m a mom this time around.

Culturit PR + Design Co. is your brainchild that doubles as both a PR and Design agency. How do you balance the load of operating at such a high level in both areas of expertise?

Short and sweet, I do everything myself, and I outsource what I can’t handle — balancing works within my CRM to see what’s priority and what can use a bit more time. It’s all about being organized.

How has PR strengthened your communication skills, and on the flip side, how has design pushed your creativity?

PR has truly strengthened my communication skills because negotiation and strategy are at the forefront of everything I do. It’s allowed me to understand different perspectives and pivot as far as implementing new ideas and methods into planning a very strategic and successful PR campaign. As for design, it’s pushed me to begin experimenting with designs that break the mold. I’m allowed to create an image that my audience and clients can see without them showing me, and it’s worked thus far.

Full Sail University is known for its dynamic programs within the entertainment and media industry. You were already armed with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism-Public Relations from The University of Memphis, so talk about your Master’s Degree experience at Full Sail.

This experience was probably one of the best yet most challenging I’ve faced. When I first learned that I was having my kid, I knew I needed to secure another security blanket in case everything else failed. I loved that the program was strictly online, and we had about three to four assignments due every week for 12 months. The only thing was that I had to do it with a tiny baby. There were a ton of late-night hours and sleepless nights. The program allowed a ton of flexibility, and the professors were so accommodating! It was fast-paced, and I learned so much in those 12 months. It also challenged my creativity with creating visual campaigns, PSA’s, the list goes on. I got it done, and it was affordable and well worth the experience. However, it required me to go on hiatus from doing any PR for my own brand until I was all done.

When you became a mom, what were some of the main things you had to shift personally and business-wise?

Personally, I had to stop doing PR for CPRDC and just focus on my corporate contract, my masters, and web design orders that were coming in like raindrops. I had to mentally understand that schedules were a thing of the past and that I was doing everything to have things figured out for Brandon(my son), and I needed to increase my income.

Business-wise, I had to begin implementing and investing in my business to move the needle. I enrolled in an online Agency Accelerator course to lay out my agency’s foundation and framework from start to finish! It’s like a blueprint for restructuring, which has helped tremendously!

What’s next in the world of B. Mobley?

I’m getting back into strictly doing PR for CPRDC now and dropping graphic and web design as a whole. However, I will include it in my PR client’s packages. I’ll also launch a platform in August that will provide pre-designed website templates and graphics for people to purchase. I’m accepting new clients on retainer in the food, beverage, and consumer product space and deciding if I should buy my first home or pursue a nomadic lifestyle. My first stop will be Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, if I do decide to become a nomad — with my son, of course!

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