Angel Reeves Has Changed The Luxury Handbag Game With Haus Of $y

Let’s revisit your days as a full-time nurse. When did you get the idea of wanting to create luxury handbags?

Well, due to the pandemic and the schools being forced to closed because of it, I knew that I needed to take time off work. I knew that I had to be home with my son to make sure he continued his learning, no matter what. So with that time off, I brainstormed and researched how to start a business. I always knew I wanted to, but this seemed like the perfect time to start. I’m a purse girl, so I instantly knew that I wanted to start my own handbag brand.

Were you already a collector of handbags before creating Haus of $y?

Oh, absolutely! I’m known to carry around a mini purse. My friends would make fun of how small my purses were.

How did it feel to pivot from a career as a nurse to now owning a luxury handbag company?

Honestly, I definitely felt like I was making a mistake, you know? Here I am, quitting a stable job with amazing pay to step out on faith and run a business. However, I knew that I would give it 110%. I knew I would give it everything I had. I started this business with my own money, so I knew it was a risk, but I absolutely had to do it.

Haus of $y is quickly becoming a consumer favorite in the community of luxury handbags. After each placed order, you affectionally call each woman who orders a new bag a Hau$ Wife. Where do you find inspiration for the various handbags and colorways that are available?

I want to credit my friend Rae (Big Rae from the Eastside) for the name Hau$ Wives. I was trying to find a name for my tribe and she helped me with that, so shoutout to her.

As far as inspiration, I wanted to create a bag style that I knew I would love. If you don’t love your products, how can you expect others to love them? I wanted to make sure I offered a variety for my consumers. I also like to picture myself in nice outfits that will go perfectly with my bags which is how new color waves are created.

Aside from the new colorways and mini tote bags that you’re releasing, what can people anticipate next from Haus of $y?

Honestly, Haus of $y is going to have so many products! For now, it’s a handbag brand, but this summer, I’m branching off to shoes, clothing, and many more handbag styles. I’m so excited for this next level. Things took off pretty quickly for Haus of $y. I haven’t really had time to soak it all in, but I’m so thankful for everyone’s warm response and support — especially the people of my city. My heart is so full. All I can say is stay tuned!

To keep up with Angel Reeves and Haus of $y, CLICK HERE.



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