Alena Jackson Is Kicking Doors Down For Women In The Music Industry

Before your marketing role at Capitol Music Group (CMG), what were some of those early jobs and positions that you took on when you first moved to Los Angeles?

Before working at Motown, I started in music videos and picking up random PA gigs. I knew I wanted a job in music, but I needed to build my background (network). I’ve met so many dope people from doing music videos. That was the start of it all, honestly. I worked to get my foot in the door and my name in the room.

We know that the music industry is predominately male-driven, so how have you been able to make your mark at one of the biggest labels in the world?

Honestly, it’s just been my organic connections and relationships. I’ve always been told I have a dope personality and really get the artist’s vision regarding marketing and album rollouts. You’ll be surprised how many new execs are black women. We’re changing up the game and making our mark.

You’ve been a part of monumental releases for artists such as Ne-Yo, Layton Greene, Lil Baby, and most recently, Migos (Culture III). On average, what’s a normal workday look like for you at CMG compared to release day?

Honestly, a normal workday for me is just hectic. You never know what you’re waking up to once you check your phone and see the emails and texts. The reason why I got into music is forever changing, and you never know what to expect. It keeps you on your toes. To sum it up, I would say over ten zoom meetings, multiple creations of marketing decks, a few tears, and many wtf moments. Every day it shocks me that I’ve survived the full workday.

What are some things that you like to do to decompress from your day?

New experiences is how I decompress. I love traveling, trying new foods, and hanging out with those who mean the most. I’m also a cannabis enthusiast, so I love researching cannabis and the science behind the flower.

Name three things that someone looking to follow in your footsteps should remember?

1. Always be yourself.

2. When told no, let it fuel you to hear yes.

3. Go crazy with everything you choose to be a part of. Give it 100% every time. Be fearless.

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