Afterpay And Furby Have Teamed Up For The Sake Of Gifts And Christmas

Our collective society has an intense love-affair with nostalgia. It’s the reason why major beverage companies bring back a specific drink from decades ago while the food industry adopts the same model with changing their packaging for a specific amount of time.

Now, tech company Afterpay has teamed up with the classic 90s Hasbro toy Furby to deliver a shot of reminiscence just in time for the holidays.

Furby has currently taken over TikTok to help customers find the perfect gift for their loved one with a campaign called the “Impossible Gift Finder.” Customers are also being encouraged to spend in a concise matter with Afterpay.

For more information, head on over to Afterpay’s TikTok!




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Andre J. Ellington

Andre J. Ellington

All Original Stories, All Quality Content.

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