A Candid Conversation With Spiritual Advisor, Dominec Holmes

Andre J. Ellington
10 min readJun 23, 2021


Dominec Holmes has a variety of titles, but it was fitting to title this story as so. This interview has been edited for length and clarity. Also, any mention of police run-ins and other situations is public record.


My dad was a big deal in Southwest Detroit. Before he got killed, I had a dream that a wolf broke off a chain and bit me in my head. A couple of days later, we were at his funeral, and my uncle lifted me up to look inside his casket. When I looked at him, I saw the exit wound of the bullet in his head right where I got bit in my dream. My mother had a substance abuse problem which was pretty common in the 1980s. After my dad was killed, we moved to Monroe, MI to stay with my grandparents, and she would get high out there and in Detroit. Every time she would go and get high in Monore, I would go find her because I could see her footprints whenever she would leave. I would find her in crackhouses and various places. She ended up bringing my brothers and I back to Detroit, and we stayed on the Westside and went to Kiden Elementary. Also, our house got shot up on a regular basis because there was a lot of drugs moving in and out while we were there.

As a kid, I was always an honor student. I had some of the highest standardized test scores in Michigan. I even had an opportunity to go to Cranbrook, but once my little brother was born in 1989, school wasn’t my priority anymore because my mother was still in the streets. My main priority was to make sure my brothers and my mom were good. I started man-handling grown men when I was nine years old because of the environment we were in. We lived around pimps and prostitutes, so I learned the power of a pistol at a young age. It’s in me to get the business clear. I don’t know how to get f — over.

Spiritual Powers:

I consider myself to be gifted as a magician and astrologer. I knew I was a Sagittarius before I knew my first name was Dominec. I always knew I had spiritual powers. My grandfather was a Mason and a Baptist Minister. He and his brothers built Stateline Baptist Church in Ottawa Lake, MI from the ground up. As a kid, I knew Christianity was b — s — , so I couldn’t go to his church anymore. He would tell my grandmother that I didn’t have it all. I’d play in the cemetery, the woods, and other things that normal kids wouldn’t do. I knew I was different because I’d have dreams about things that I had no business knowing about, such as rituals in Africa and witches praying over me.

Authority Figures:

At a young age, I was aware that police officers’ uniforms are just costumes. I don’t give a f — about costumes. I’ve always been assertive when it comes to authoritative figures. I’ve never been moved nor controlled by fear. I can remember fighting the police as a kid because they came to arrest me for something I didn’t even do. In 1992, the police tried to get down on me in elementary school. Ten police officers were trying to fight me, and I was only in the 6th grade. They sprayed me with mace, and I sprayed them with the fire extinguisher and busted one of them in the mouth with it. I was charged with assault and destruction of property and sent to a juvenile detention center. My grandfather called and told them that I needed to be out of the detention center by 5 PM, and that’s exactly what happened. My family in Monroe didn’t play around.


I was already in and out of the juvenile system, but I went to prison for murder when I was 16 years old. Back in the day, if you went to prison and you were under 18, they sent you to Riverside (Quarantine) Correctional Facility in Ionia, MI. The upper part of the prison housed the older prisoners who worked in the kitchen. They would drop a fish-line out the window to sell you cigarettes. I found out that one of the old heads was getting down on me over a can of Bugler (can of tobacco). The can of Bugler was $7, but he was charging me $15. He started trying to talk down on me, so once I saw him passing out the food trays, it was on from there. This is when I started making cats realize that I was nothing to be played with. The best understanding two men can get in prison is a physical one. From the county jail on up, I had no mercy for nobody. They put me in an adult system, so I carried myself like one. In this same system, I wanted to be treated like a human being, and if that wasn’t being done, then there was going to be a problem. Prisons guards have a job to do, and that doesn’t involve treating other folks like s — .

After leaving Riverside, I was sent to Michigan Reformatory (also known as Gladiator School). When I went to Michigan Reformatory, I got busy with the police because they were beating up a fellow inmate. I was put in segregation and started a riot. MR was like a movie prison because there were bars everywhere. After this took place, I bounced around from Oaks Correctional Facility to Alger Correctional Facility. At Marquette Branch Prison, I was in the hole and started to harness my spiritual power. I learned about Qigong (Chi Kung) and meditation because my uncles were into martial arts. When you meditate, you can control your Chi which is what I started doing. In prison, I looked toward spirituality to escape and enhance myself to be the king of the world I was in. I had no inclination to become a healer, but I knew that Magick worked, and I was going to use it to get out of prison.

One night, I had a dream that I was going to a funeral. While at the funeral, I was walking down a piece of purple silk, and when I approached the casket, it was somebody dressed in purple and black, which represents Voodoo spirits. Once I left the funeral, I started floating on my back into an all-white room. When I looked in the mirror in the room, it exploded, and trumpets started to play. Once I woke up, I felt like a brand-new person.

After Marquette, I went to Jackson State Prison, which is where things started to get interesting regarding my spiritual powers. They would chain me to the bed, but I could always remove myself from the restraints. It didn’t matter if I was on a concrete slab, I could remove my restraints, and my cell door would open up. I would smash my television, eat the glass and not even have to go to the hospital. I also had some run-ins with the response team, which didn’t end well for them.

When I left Jackson, I was transferred to Ionia Correctional Facility (also known as I-MAX) in August 2001. It was a 24-hour lockdown prison, and every time you came out of your cell, your hands and feet were shackled. I-Max was one of the worst prisons in the country. At Ionia, correctional officers such as Willie O. Smith would let the inmates starve as a way to break them. While strapped to a bed, they tried to put me on a blenderized diet. After I refused, they didn’t give me any food or water for two weeks. Then, they moved me to a cell where I was naked on a concrete slab. I was in this cell for 51 days and went without food. All I had was water. My mother called and was begging for me to eat, so once I started eating, it was as if I didn’t go without food at all. I didn’t throw up or have any cramps at all. I told them that I had spiritual powers and I got my food from the sun.

In 2004, I got into an altercation with a correctional officer who jumped on me. I knocked his ear off and was found not guilty by reason of insanity. After that, I was transferred from I-Max to Marquette, then to Standish Maximum Correctional Facility. At Standish, they would take my food tray for a couple of days, spray my cell with gas, and leave me there. I was transferred from Standish to Huron Valley Men’s Complex. From there, I was sent to Gus Harrison Correctional Facility. In 15 years, I had over 150 fights and assaults, including staff assaults.

Life After Prison:

When I got out of prison in 2013, I was in a spiritual Facebook group, checking somebody because they were lying to people about spirituality. I told them that I would f — them up, and then that’s when I met Monica Bey. Monica Bey is a world-renowned spiritual advisor, and she told me that I had a bigger purpose aside from arguing with people on Facebook. I was out in the streets, and my whole mission was to make people do what I want and keep the police off me by using my spiritual powers. She randomly reached out to me again and told me to get out of the streets because my job was to heal people. She also told me that I was going to get married and have a beautiful wife. I took everything she said with a grain of salt and wanted to test the waters to see if she was really telling the truth. One day, I had a green GMC Jimmy that was full of weight. I was about to make the drop when Monica called me and told me that I needed to take the weight back. I met my beautiful wife six months later while working security at a club out of state. Now in 2021, I’m healing people, and I just became a new father.

In my mind, I never thought I was going to get out of prison. They gave me 10–30 years which was like a life sentence, so I did my time in that fashion. My grandmother’s oldest sister was an iconic figure in the community. She worked for NASA and served in the U.S. Army. She made a call to her friend, who was a judge from the Catholic church, when I caught my murder case. If she didn’t make that call, I would’ve done natural life in prison. One of the guards, Michael Krajnick, still calls me to this day and asks why I haven’t come back yet.

Life Lessons:

After everything I’ve been through, even with having my grandparents in my life, I don’t want nobody to do no h — s — to me. I’ve seen my mom get abused by my dad and my brother’s dad. People love to say that nobody taught them how to be a good person, but if you know the bad, you also know the good. It’s not rocket science. I know how my mom was treated, so I’m not going to treat any woman a certain way. Some men have an Oedipus complex, and that’s not me. My grandmother taught me how to cook, iron, and sew. My grandfather made sure I knew how to take care of the house and be a man. At the end of the day, I prefer deeds over words. Your actions should always match what’s coming out of your mouth.


One of my favorite weapons to use is the bible. Everybody says they believe in the bible, but nobody wants to follow what’s being said in it. The bible says that Jesus told people not to follow individuals that are preaching in the church or the synagogue. Most people don’t love Jesus; They love men. Also, most people don’t even live righteously and according to the bible, even though there are many things that were stolen from other places that are in the bible.

We became Christians by slave-masters beating the slaves until they cried for Jesus. When the slave-masters saw that the slaves were practicing African spirituality, they beat them. This same trauma and behavior have been passed down from generation to generation with the indoctrination of religion through fear.

Leisure Time:

I love to read and learn new information. I grow food (Blood orange and lemon trees, fig, kiwi, mint, thyme, sage, potatoes, basil, elderberry, avocados) and weed in my basement. Also, I have quite a few animals on my property.


My goal is to help our people. I’ve been warning our people about what’s going on now since 2016. It’s my obligation to provide accurate information and make sure we’re good as a people. It’s not my obligation to make anybody try or believe anything. I’ve reached a certain level spiritually (and I’m still learning), so I’m willing to help those who want to be helped. I know how wicked things can get, so that’s why I try to educate and provide knowledge about spiritual power. I’m living my purpose, and I’m completely comfortable with that.

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